Analysis of Robert Frost's Poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Analysis of Robert Frost's Poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay Robert Frost has a fine talent for putting words into poetry. Words which are normally simplistic spur to life when he combines them into a whimsical poetic masterpiece. His 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' poem is no exception. Although short, it drives home a deep point and meaning. Life is such a fragile thing and most of it is taken for granted. The finest, most precious time in life generally passes in what could be the blink of an eye. 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' shows just this. Even in such a small poem he describes what would seem an eternity or an entire lifetime in eight simple lines. Change is eminent and will happen to all living things. This is the main point of the poem and is shown consistently throughout the eight lines. While birth and beginnings are an inevitable part of nature and life, most people do not see how quickly this beautiful and precious time passes. Robert Frost states in the very first stanza this point. With two simple sentences it becomes clear how precious life truly is. ?Nature?s first green is gold? is the first line of the first poem and it depicts precisely what the majority of us take for granted. ?Gold? is the beauty and value of what is really the most precious moment in life, which is birth. The second line of the poem is ?Her hardest hue to hold.? In the moment it takes to stare in awe at such beauty, it can disappear, and with it the innocence and naivety of which is new t...
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