Analysis of Relationships in Cara Chow´s Bitter Melon

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The prise from parents is very important for children. It makes children's confidence. Mother and father's reactions, words, and opinions affected to their children so much even if it is not good for children. Parents can create first children's idea that would be base idea of children. If parents always against them, they won't have confidence in themselves. Sometimes, children struggle between their opinion and their parents opinion. When children have own opinion that against their parents, they wouldn't be happy, and they lost their original idea. Most of the parents hope their children follow their ideas or opinion. However, sometimes children can't do this, so it would make the conflict of between the parents and their children. A book, Bitter Melon written by Cara Chow shows conflict between mother and her daughter. They weren't understand each other. Mother pressed own opinion to her daughter. Then her daughter's idea was enforced her idea at all.
Ching Tai Tai wanted Frances to become medical doctor for her because she had a physical problem. She didn’t have other family member except Frances because she divorced. She was still cursing her husband because he betrayed her by unfaithful. So, she taught to her daughter Frances to the real world wasn’t easy. That wasn’t wrong, but that too much true always take her daughter's dream. Even Frances tried too hard she didn’t trust herself to she could success. When Frances told her to story of “ The Little Mermaid”, she remind her daughter to the real life wouldn’t be like that story. " 'That's nice,' Mom says.'Just remember, it is only a fairy tale. In real life, by venturing outside to get this prince, the mermaid would have lost her prince, her voice, and her life' "(135). She...

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...lly want to do. Her future's ideas were come from her mom. Therefore, they were always upset when each other did something that weren't in their plan. To independent each other, I think they shouldn't interfere each other too much. For example, Frances's mother shouldn't decide what Frances going to be. To decided what she going to be is Frances's work. In the other hand, Frances shouldn’t care about her mother’s word each times. Then she should tell what she really want to do. It shouldn't affect her mother's word, it will be her own word. I think Ching Tai Tai couldn’t gave “unconditional love” to her daughter, so I think Frances need to be adult, and she can give “unconditional love” to her. It will make her mother’s dark to be lighter. These action would help for they understand more and more. Understand each other could help to their relationship's improvement.
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