Analysis of Refuse Collection Policy in UK

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This essay critically analyses the following question “Local Council policy on refuse collection, does it work?” This essay also address the first assessed individual presentation experience, and ask what could or would you do differently? How the interaction went with the audience? What feedback the audience gave? If the start and finish the presentation went well? Where hand-outs and slides appropriate? And did it get the point across? Explain and justify any amendments I have made since the original presentation, and a further research section.
Original Presentation

In Lancashire there are 15 Local Authorities and 600,000 households, all producing household waste that needs collecting, recycled and disposed of. As landfill sites are rapidly filling up, and with the side effects from landfilling are affecting our environment in adverse ways.
Landfills are areas of land that are used to put and compact our rubbish into the ground, you would a picture a scene of a hole in the ground with lots of bags and rubbish with seagulls picking at it. If we just put our waste into a hole, toxic elements would leak into the local environment, causing a major environmental problems. The Environmental Research Foundation of Annapolis (2003) say landfills are more like Bathtubs. Landfills have a lining preventing liquid contaminants entering the environment, However There is a problem with all bathtubs, they all leak, over the top and/or out the bottom.
Toxins are in many materials put into landfill sites, Electronic waste is a good example, for example computers, televisions, florescent bulbs, and many other electronic items, they contain mercury, arsenic, cadmium, PVC, solvents, acids, lead and many more chemicals and me...

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