Analysis of Psycho

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Analysis of Psycho Psycho, originally released in 1957 as a novel written by Robert Bloch, is now better known as a film by the true master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. The version was first viewed by the audience on a big screen in 1960. Taking on the role of the editor and director, he created a film that merely survived the censorship laws. In the course of making the film he broke all film conventions at the time by displaying its leading female having lunch in her white undergarments in the first scene. Next there was the shot of a toilet, and flush, inside a bathroom. And finally killing off the star of the show, Janet Leigh, a third of the way through the film, but because of the experience and wit of Hitchcock, the film went ahead with only few complaints. The film is one of a kind mainly due to the amazing amount of suspense that is drilled into it. Hitchcock skilfully manipulates and guides the audience into thinking what he wants them to think by using music, camera angles and mise en scene, creating the atmosphere it is famous for. The music he uses can be generally described as non-diagetic sounds because they sound out of tune, shrill and discordant making the audience feel very uneasy. Sometimes Hitchcock lures the audience into a false sense of security by using calm, gentle and relaxing music before a sudden event that is launched upon the unsuspecting audience leaving them on the edge of their seats and wanting more. In the first scene the audience suspects a change in events, they hear a gradual change in music, as the tempo gets faster and faster the audience gets more and more enthralled as the ev... ... middle of paper ... ...s the room. However Sam then disarms Norman and the atmosphere relaxes slightly as Hitchcock gives time to the audience to recover. In my opinion this film is one of the greatest suspense horror films of all time. It uses devices that actually fooled me into thinking what the director wanted me to think, unlike a lot of suspense films today. One thing I liked was that the film was in black and white and on a very tight budget because it proves that a best selling movie does not need millions of pounds spent on it to succeed. I also like the gothic theme that the old house gave to the film; it really creates extra suspense just by the looks. I like the film because however many times I watch it, I get the same thrills over and over again, I never get bored of seeing it and each time I watch it I see something new.
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