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My brother Sam is dead The story of “My brother sam is dead” is set in Colonial America.It is set in the year 1775 in Redding, Connecticut where the story follows the main character Tim and his family going through the revolutionary war. Tim doesn’t really pay attention to all the politics and war, but his family does. His father especially is a Great Britian loyalist. The story’s first big event happens (page 13) when Tim’s brother Sam comes back from Yale. The Family is eating dinner on Sam’s first day back when he breaks the news. Sam seems zealous and announces that he will enlist and fight the British. This obviously outrages the father, But not Tim. This makes Tim admire his older brother. Later on him and his father get into an argument that was bound to happen. next day after church, Sam runs away, Right after stealing his fathers gun. Sam Then leaves Redding to fight and things become harder, gradually separating the family. Sam occasionally returns, although when this happens, Tim is the only one who talks with him. Sam and his father are too obstinate to make a truce. Later on in the story (page 64) While Tim and his father are selling beef to British Loyalists in New York when Mr. Meeker gets kidnapped by a band of cowboys, Tim outsmarts them and gets away. Tim then has to carry all the goods home by himself. this helps him to mature a bit by having him take more responsibilties in their family owned tavern. In the spring of 1777, British soldiers in prodigious amounts march into their hometown of Reddin... ... middle of paper ... ...eve this incredibly obvious title actually has multiple meanings. Activity #3 The setting of the novel is set in revolutionary America. The center of the story revolves around the Revolutionary war. It focuses alot on which side does Tim take. The British loyalists or the rebels. The genre of the book is Historical fiction. The time period is set on 1775-1779. The location of the story in set in Redding, Conneticut. This setting is where the British massacre happened. They also use New York as the setting spot where Tims father get’s harrased and kidnapped by rebels. Overall, These are the settings/Genre of this novel.

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