Analysis of Mary Shelley´s Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein follows Victor Frankenstein a student in Ingolstadt who is able to bring to life a Creature composed of various corpses. Ashamed and disgusted with his creation he runs and is forced to keep his creation a secret which eventually leads to the death of his whole family.When the Creature described as Intelligent and sensitive is left to fend for himself; he is faced with prejudgement and isolation. As it is able to learn through observation he learns how he was created and develops an intense dislike for his creator. Having been shunned and abandoned the creature seeks revenge against his creator, Victor Frankenstein.
There are multiple sides to every story. Throughout the novel Shelly employs a non linear structure in order to depict character interactions. Frankenstein begins with Captain Robert Walton through a series of letters dedicated to his sister, Margaret in England. Robert Walton is portrayed as a character with great ambition who is “inspired by the wind of promise”(Shelley 12) to one day “trend a land never before imprinted by the foot of man”(Shelley 16). Through his ambition Shelley is able to parallel his strive toward scientific discovery to that of Victor Frankenstein’s desire to “give life to an animal as complex and wonderful as man”(Shelley 48). As Robert Walton remains stranded he writes to his sister of his desire to “have [a] friend”(Shelly 15), which serves as a parallel to the Creature’s longing for affection. Due to Waltons affinity to both characters the reader is able to see reason in both Frankenstein and the Creature’s actions. Captain Robert Walton serves as a nonpartisan viewer such as the reader and “invokes a literary paradigm with an established point of perspective”(Hu...

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...ledges that “for the first time, also, I felt what the duties of a creator towards his creature were, and I ought to render him happy before I complained of his wickedness”(Shelley 104). As the two speak the Creature is able to confront his creator and reveal his upbringing. Through the Creature’s perspective Shelley is able to discuss the true nature of man through the “adoption of parental negligence”.
At the start of the novel the Creature has clear childlike characteristics. Aside from having the inability to speak, read and write the Creature is described as having “yellow skin”(Shelley 51) and “watery eyes”(Shelley 51), traits associated with a newborn. Once usually connects newborns to innocence and purity which can correlate to Shelley’s view that men are born innocent, but through social pressure are able to develop a destructive and dangerous character.
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