Analysis of Leadership in the Film Invictus

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866 words

1. The movie “Invictus” shows great examples of the trait leadership theory that Mandela portrayed as the President of South Africa. Mandela was able to influence the people of South Africa through his traits of being an extravert leader and having great integrity. According to the text, extraverts are sociable, assertive, and energetic people. Mandela displayed traits of an extravert leader. Whenever he would greet people he always had a genuine smile and good intentions towards everyone he met. Even the people who worked for him, especially his security, were expected and required to always have a smile to portray a welcoming atmosphere. Mandela was a very sociable person, he made sure to go to all the rugby tournaments and had a very magnetic personality that he portrayed to everyone he spoke with. At every rugby tournament Mandela went to shake the players’ hands, wished them good luck, and went into the stands to greet fans that attended the game. Mandela also led his country with great integrity. The text describes integrity as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Mandela had strong believes and values which is one reason why he won the Presidency election of South Africa. Through his strong integrity he was able to unite his country. There were many hardships along the way of people not agreeing with his views or values, but that did not stop him from leading his people. Mandela even lost his family because unfortunately they did not agree with his belief or accepted what he was trying to accomplish. This shows that no matter who disagreed with Mandela’s viewpoint he did not let it affect who he was or the integrity of his goal to benefit the country of South Africa. 2. Mandela’s leadership app... ... middle of paper ... ..., which caused a conflict with the security of black men that were already working for Mandela. This was one of many of Mandela’s attempts to bring the two races together to show that there would no longer need to be a fear of one another. As a servant leader, Mandela gave his people such empowerment to change the country through their own actions. For example, during Mandela’s meeting with François he made empowering statements about what a leader is and what the role consists of. Which ultimately led to François becoming a greater leader to the rugby team, getting the team more involved with the country and its people (especially the kids), and winning the world cup. Mandela’s role of being a servant leader was very effective. By putting his country before himself he was able to fulfill his ultimate goal of brining peace among the people of South Africa.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mandela influenced the south african people through his traits of being an extravert leader and having great integrity.
  • Compares mandela's leadership approach in "invictus" to two contemporary leadership theories: authentic leadership and servant leadership.
  • Analyzes how mandela was a servant to the people of south africa. he put his country and his people before his own well-being.

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