Analysis of Lady Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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The introduction is the part that has been used to explain the situation that is taking place. In this, Macbeth has the first two scenes. In the first scene, the audience is introduced to a mystical atmosphere which is to be prevalent in the whole play. The second scene is a description of the brave deeds of Macbeth, who is made a man who is to yield supernatural soliciting (Shakespeare, 55). This is shown when the king makes an attribute to Macbeth by saying
For brave Macbeth--well he deserves that name--
Disdaining fortune, with his brandish'd steel,
Which smoked with bloody execution,
Like valour's minion carved out his passage...
Till he unseam'd him from the nave to the chaps,
And fix'd his head upon our battlements.
This was a way to praise Macbeth for the performance he showed in the battle field. At this moment, we are introduce to a character of Macbeth who is a hero and a man to watch out for after he has won the battle. It is at this point when a declaration is made that the Thane of Cawdor has surrendered and at this point, King Duncan passes Thane’s title to Macbeth as a sign of rewarding him (Bloom 123).
The next section is when there is a rise in action. This is after Macbeth has been given Thane’s role and witches are waiting for Macbeth in the dark and lonely heath. It is at this point when Macbeth and Banquo come across these weird sisters and on noticing, Macbeth makes a strange connection to the witches. They address Macbeth as Glamis, Cawdor and King of the Scots. Macbeth is excited by what he sees and he makes it out that he is the next ruler of Scotland. The fact that he witches have used riddles to communicate makes it even more challenging for these two to understand what they a...

... middle of paper ... the only thing she can think of is the murder of the king. However, since Macbeth had been with Banquo, when the witches prophesied, he decides to murder Banquo and his son Fleance. Banquo is killed but Fleance is not killed. At a royal banquet, the image of Banquo appears and in the same, Lady Macbeth tries to control the situation. This is again another sign that women are still trying to use deception to achieve what they desire. By trying to save the situation, Lay Macbeth is aware of what has been happening and why it has happened as well. Macbeth returns to the witches, who share new visions with him that he should beware Macduff, that he can never be killed by "one of woman born" and to never fear until he sees Birnham Wood begin to move. In quest of Macduff, Macbeth learns that he has fled and orders the killing of his wife and children (Bradley, 87-90).
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