Analysis of Hotel Rwanda directed by George Terry

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This paper is an overview for the movie Hotel Rwanda. The movie is set in 1994 which reflects the situation in Kigali, Rwanda where the genocide occurred between people with different tribes. The film by George Terry also shows whether the role played by the international organization which is United Nations (UN) is effective in order to control the conflict that has killed a lot of people and the concern of the world about the incident.

The history and relationship between Hutu and Tutsi
As we look back to the 14th century of Rwanda, the indigenous people of that region composed of Hutu and another ethnic group which is Twa. The Tutsi was actually the immigrants which came to Rwanda from the southern Ethiopian highlands. It is obviously observed that the physical of the Tutsi were taller and thinner compared to the Hutu and Twa. Even though their population were not as much of Hutu and Twa, their practiced of power does not reflects that they were the minority of the region. They exercised their power over the Hutu and Twa and conquered most of the taxes at that time. Thus, it can be seen that the Tutsi were in power and they put themselves higher level than Hutu and Twa.
Historically, the African was under Western power in 19th century. However, they were divided to many countries under the colonial powers. “These divisions were made arbitrarily and without any consideration of the common culture, history and language shared by different groups of African people” (Hymowitz & Parker, n.d.). Rwanda was under the control of Germany before The Belgium take over the power of Rwanda after World War I.
In order to strengthen their power, the colonial system used to separate the three ethnic group...

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...which are the state actors.
The lack of intervention from the outside country especially from international organizations made the situation even worst. The sense of racism among the Europeans is something that should not happen nowadays. The intervention from outside is necessary as the situation is out of control as the people of the country itself can’t curbs it without the help from the outside country. The Europeans should have sense of humanity towards the people in Rwanda regardless what their race and nations they come from.
The role of media is important as it give impact on how the outsiders will response to the conflict. The media also influence the policy makers in making new policy to react to the situation that happened. However, the media also can cause a conflict to be worst as the security may be treated in a wrong way by the enemy.

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