Analysis of Holden Caulfield

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I have seen many disorders in my twenty years of working for the mental hospital as a psychiatrist. Mr. Holden Caulfield displays traits I have seen before. Certain tendencies and behaviors lead me to believe he might have Borderline Personality Disorder. This can include impulsivity, emotional instability, patterns of unstable relationships, etc.. At first, Mr. Caulfield continued to stay silent when asked questions by the nurses and myself. He refused to volunteer for treatments and judged those around him. I had gotten nothing out of him and was unable to get Holden to oblige to any treatments. I was hoping to make progress by the end of the first month. We talked about his parents the first couple of discussions, but the only comment really made was that they were nice. Indeed they were…nice, yet something inside me told me there was much more the then meets the eye. I had the chance of meeting them on a visiting day; Mrs. Caulfield had an unusual look in her eyes and was a smoker. The father seemed eager to know when he could send Holden to a new school and uninterested in his actual well being. I believe Holden experienced an unpleasant childhood, which affected him in ways that trouble him now. I have noticed the way Holden's father treats him with discipline, expecting trouble every second from Mr. Caulfield. He cared less about Holden's well being and more for his entertainment and social life in the theater business. His brother D.B. Caulfield drove down Hollywood once and spoke to him in person after our daily discussion about Holden's future. D.B. gave me much more information than I could ever get out of Holden. We spoke about Holden's long, melancholy story of the three days before Christmas. He explained Holden's i... ... middle of paper ... ...t this young man, yet there was so little time. He did seem to be corrupted and possibly suicidal but as we grow, we all become corrupted by society. Maturing opens our eyes to the realities of life. Some can deal with it by themselves, others, like Holden, need help. Holden will be leaving soon, but I think he has made some progress and will continue to do so. He has much time to learn; he is young. No one is born intelligent, no one is born corrupted. Perhaps, as Holden grew older, he realized the things in this world that needed to be fixed, but did not want to acknowledge it. He needs to realize that he has something to offer the world, but first he must learn to accept change. He needs someone to show him the path, and I can help him. Prognosis: He will learn, hopefully, with the help of medication and therapy Possible Diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder

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