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Many fatal consequences, caused by illogical reactions to problematic situations, can be avoided through a few easy, simple and “common sense” steps. In the essay “Deadly Mind Traps” author Jeff Wise writes to the everyday man and woman. Mr. Wise in his essay explains how the average person can make deadly mistakes even though logically they make little sense. Wise, offers multiple key terms to help the reader better understand his reasoning for his thesis. As well as, Wise produces multiple examples for the reader to connect the key terms to real life situations. Moreover, Wise not only gives key terms and examples to support his thesis he also gives examples of how to stay out of those situations. Wise from his essay demonstrates that his reader is an everyday person by using words such as we, us, you and our. And he uses everyday simplified words and terms which suggest inclusion instead of exclusion.
The average man or woman would be interested in this essay because it unveils a reality which all of us face at one point or another, common mental errors. As previously mentioned Wise mentions several key terms for the reader to use and understand. . The author uses five key points, The Domino Effect, Double or Nothing, Situational Blindness, Bending the Map and Redlining. The Domino Effect according to Wise, is when people look not to their logic but to their emotion and fall victim to the same fate as those their trying to save. You often see this situation in people trying to save someone who is drowning or trapped in a house fire. Double or nothing according to Wise, is where people fail to calculate true risk. Wise says this is seen most often at Casinos and in investing. We’ve all seen the guy or woman who is at the black...

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... an instrument will lead you to a dead end. Skills such as, the truth is sometimes just the truth, if you’ve walked pass this tree twenty times you really are just walking in a circle. And skills such as, your limit is just that the limit, sometimes a little higher, a little faster, a little closer, etc. are the very limit crossers that take you not only pass the limit but to a point of no return.
Jeff Wise in his piece not only brings forth the obvious situations which everyday people enter into. But, he also offers solutions to get yourself out of them or avoid them all together. His article allows any reader of any background and almost any understanding to grasp his simple but highly complex theories. I reason that any reader who was to read Wise’s piece would not only come out more informed but also more conscious which could very well save their life one day.

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