Analysis of Chapter 13 Psychological Disorders

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563 words

In Chapter 13 we learned about Psychological Disorders. Psychological disorders can’t always be seen in everyday life, but it’s something they have to deal with every day. Psychologists have tried many different approaches to aid in a various amount of disorders and have tried to figure out the causes of them.
There are many different perspectives on how to deal with a problem and analyzing it. The Psychological Approach has many different perspectives to it. In the psychodynamic perspective the main points are that disorders derive from internal struggles producing anxiety which results in the behavior. Trait perspectives are a “five factor model” accessing psychological/personality disorders. Humanistic perspective find that disorders are often caused by people disappointed in themselves from not reaching their goals they/others expected them to reach. I find that the psychodynamic perspective is the one I would use in the approach because internal struggles is often what makes my mood change and makes me feel anxious. I believe the Sociocultural Approach is more applicable in a l...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that in chapter 13, we learned about psychological disorders. psychologists have tried many different approaches to aid in a variety of disorders.
  • Explains that the psychological approach has many different perspectives on how to deal with a problem and analyze it.
  • Explains that mental disorders are fascinating and complex. there are four major subcategories of anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, phobic disorder and obsessive-compulsively disorder.
  • Opines that ocd is uncontrollable and it's not always wanted things clean. soldiers who come back from war, rape victims and other people who have experienced a disturbing event will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd).

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