Analysis of Benchmarking at TNT Express

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The article has the subject “Benchmarking at TNT Express” and it offers a clear explanation of the way in which TNT has demonstrated dedication in their services to the customers and their quench to achieve high echelons of excellence in their endeavors. It is clearly indicated in the article that the formula used in TNT to achieve success is keenly listening to the opinions of the customers in an attempt to capture a clear understanding of the logistic problems that they face and offer logistic solutions to the problems identified. Consequently, the management at TNT is able to reduce costs and hence win additional sales which translate to additional of value to the business of their clients through introduction of innovative ideas. TNT express therefore has managed to win the most recognized accolades together with a variety of recognitions as a result of their progressive efforts in value addition that is beneficial to the customers as well as their commitments towards achievement of high standards of competition.

The article also touches on the importance of commitment of TNT express to the satisfaction of the customers and regular recognition of the importance of people as the primary assets and this has been the cause of the difference and the basis of the strength in TNT express. Quality is an important aspect guiding success at TNT and the company uses its mission, guiding principles and values to define quality. The need for serious consideration of benchmarking at TNT is rooted to the nature of their business. The wide customer base gives TNT a good opportunity to learn.


The article has some key learning points that are important to note. The business conducted at TNT heavily...

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...” opened my horizon on new things, stressed the need for continuous improvement, expressing excellence in an organization and a source of great learning on the importance of benchmarking and customer satisfaction.


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