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After reading Trailblazing by Eric Anderson I was blown away by the story told in the book. It is a story of self-realization, persecution, and perseverance. At first it was hard to believe that this was the same person I see in lecture twice a week. It shows the fears and terrors that closeted homosexuals go through to keep their secret, then the oppression they face after coming out. It has truly opened my eyes to the hardships gay people face when wanting to do no more than be themselves but can't for fear of being abandoned by loved ones and ridiculed by others. Not only must the author deal with discrimination, but his team of high school track runners face being taunted, threatened, and even physically assaulted by their peers. They have to put up with just as much harassment as Anderson himself. Even though none of the athletes claim to be gay they are endlessly hazed for being a "fag team." Through all the conflicts the team remains loyal and stands by their coach. They not only compete as a team but also deal with oppression as a team. Trailblazing is a very moving piece about heroism and is inspiring for people of all sexualities.

In the beginning of the story Anderson describes going through most of his childhood knowing he is gay, though at the time did not know exactly what that meant. Many points brought up in class are evident in the story. How he was forced to act like all the other boys because of how society felt about gays. Forcing himself to act "straight" and pretending to be attracted to women he becomes sucked into this highly hegemonic society. Guys have to be big, bad, and tough, and if they aren't they are

labeled "faggots" or "fairy boys." You can feel the awkwardness of Anderson as he talks about how he acted compared to what he actually felt.

In the beginning of his career as a track coach Anderson continues to keep his secret from everyone. Constantly making excuses for not dating girls, that where socially acceptable. Filling his time with work and studies at first as a smokescreen for his sexuality. He then aspires to become more educated and to become a health teacher.

A gay person in sports is still a big issue in this country, especially when the person is a coach of younger kids.

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