Analysis of A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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Analysis of A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

‘A view from the bridge’ was written in 1995 by Arthur Miller. The

play is based around an old man named Eddie and his family, living in

a rough neighbourhood or slum on the north facing side of Brooklyn

Bridge. The play was set between 1940 and 1960 in Brooklyn, New York.

A character in the play called Alfieri narrates the play in the

present tense and describes the events in the past. Another character,

named Eddie Carbone and his wife Beatrice house illegal immigrant

cousins from Italy. When one of the cousins falls in love with

Catherine, the niece of Eddie, whom Eddie has incestuous desires for,

Eddie betrays his family and calls Immigration to stop the marriage of

his niece and cousin. In the end, Alfieri pays bail for Marco and

Rodolpho, the two cousins and on the day of Catherine and Rodolpho’s

marriage, Marco unintentionally kills Eddie; the tragic protagonist.

Alfieri is a key character in this play. He is the symbolic bridge

between American law and tribunal laws. Alfieri, an Italian-American,

is true to his ethnic identity. He is a well-educated man who studies

and respects American law, but is still loyal to Italian customs. The

play told from the viewpoint of Alfieri, the view from the bridge

between American and Italian cultures who attempts to objectively give

a picture of Eddie Carbone and the Brooklyn community. Alfieri

represents the difficult stretch, embodied in the Brooklyn Bridge,

from small ethnic communities filled with dock labourers to the

disparate cosmopolitan wealth and intellectualism of Manhattan. The

old and new worlds are codified in the immigrant ...

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...hen he acts fully on his instincts just as Eddie

does in the play. Alfieri proposes that humans must act as a half.

Nonetheless, Alfieri still admires the irrational, unleashed human

spirit that reacts at will.

Arthur Miller uses Alfieri in this incredible tale with great affect.

He is the symbolic bridge between American law and tribal laws.

Alfieri relates so well with the main character of the play, Eddie. He

becomes so attached that it is easy to assume that Alfieri admires

Eddie Carbone. Arthur Miller, just like Alfieri, tells the story of

Eddie Carbone for his own reasons. Through Alfieri, he can tell this

tragic story beautifully; the story of the tragic protagonist, Eddie

Carbone, who can’t help love his niece until the death of him. Alfieri

is the teller of the incredible story which he cannot change.
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