Analysis of 1984 by George Orwell

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George Orwell`s novel “1984” is by far the most brilliant, and interesting book I have read in recent years. The novel is simply a prophecy by Orwell on what the future will be like. The novel is reflected upon the perception of Orwell`s on how a world state would operate. “ 1984” is written right after the Second World War, so it’s reasonable to argue that the war affected Orwell`s view upon the future. As I mentioned earlier on - the book is interesting, and especially in two particular ways; How George Orwell in my opinion makes a very close prediction of the future, and how the individuality is experimented with within the novel. I will just pinpoint the pros and cons of the novel, as I think you as a potential reader of the novel should be informed before exploring the intimidating dystopia of George Orwell. The title “1984” does not draw any attention towards it at all, and that is one of the reasons I think the book doesn’t get all the acknowledgment it deserves. The last couple of chapter in the book are also sort of extensive, as they insure the reader of some fact they were informed earlier in the novel. The world which George Orwell imagines consist of three super powers; Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania. The three superpowers are all engaged in a perpetual, endless war. In the novel we follow the main character Winston smith and his lover, Julie throughout their rebellious life. Winton works for the government and is 39 years old, whereas Julie is much younger but also works for the government. The novel was written after the Second World War, and in that time that was a real concern whether the communist totalitarian state would take over or not. George Orwell reflects upon this possibility, and writes a novel pr... ... middle of paper ... ...hat shocked me the most. As mentioned earlier on, all the three world states are in endless wars. Actually there is no actual war between the states in the novel. It is in the interest for all the three states to continue the war. This strategy is also about keeping the population under constant fear, as they can`t rebel against the government or otherwise the enemy will have an upper hand. This brings me to the situation in which the world is to be found today. The war against terrorism is the endless war George Orwell predicted in this marvellous novel. Just to round up this review, I would end by a strong recommendation of this very book. The novel still manages to give me Goosebumps, and this very slogan can’t seem to leave my mind, and I don’t think it will leave yours once you have read the novel; War is peace, Freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.
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