Analysis for “A Jury of Her Peers”

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A woman was made from Adam for companionship and love. A lack of love and

loneliness can drive us to unthinkable things. This camaraderie is ever present to a lady’s very

core. Women bind together through thick and thin. Understanding the drive for companionship

and a need to love and be loved is what gives us, woman, an unbreakable bond within each other.

These themes are ever present in Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers”.

Each woman in the short story has a specific personality that rounds the bond between

each other. Mrs. Hale, the farmer’s wife and perfect homemaker, has an eye for little details.

She cannot seem to leave things half done or undone. It does not matter whose home she is

in. Even though the men make fun of the simple and trivial details the women fuss over, these

details are what leads to the mystery of the murder. Seemingly little details are what make life

easier for men and children. Those same details are what bind women together.

Mrs. Peters is married to the law as the sheriff’s wife. However, she doesn’t look like a

sheriff’s wi...
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