Analysis and Interest in The Book Thief

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1. I think the audience meant to enjoy this book are young adults that may be interested in the Holocaust. They don’t have to be interested but I do think that that’s the target audience. I think because his interest in the Holocaust came from his parents, M. Zusak tried to relate the experiences of his parents growing up during World War II for an adult audience.

2. The reasoning for Markus to write such an amazing novel is because he was looking for a more mature, bold way of approaching his next book. He wanted something different that showed his more serious side. He used the stories his parents told him as a kid for influence. I guess he just felt his writing style needed a change.

3. Liesel Meminger is nine in the beginning. Her younger brother died and her mom gave her up to go live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel is hurt by her brother's death, but Hans ends up being a decent foster father. Actually, with his help, she learned to read and eventually found happiness in reading books. Many of the people she loves eventually leave her life because of World War II and the Holocaust. Basically, Liesel learns to use words to influence humans to act towards both good and evil as she experiences the good and bad in society. Max Vandenburg is a 23-year-old Jew who hid from the Nazis in the Hubermanns' basement. Max was a fighter growing up, and as a teenager he refused to die without a fight. Max was upset because of his decision to save himself over his family, but when he meets Liesel they both become friends who each share a broken past. As their friendship grew, Liesel starts reading to Max every night. Max made two books for Liesel; both had mini stories about their friendship and Nazi Germany. Max leaves the house af...

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...ew minutes later, I took my chance. The time was right". This quote foreshadows the time when Rudy Steiner got on the plane with a toolbox in hand. He saw the pilot and just like the quotation explained, placed a smiling teddy bear with the pilot before he had died.
9. I think The Book Thief is a perfect title for the story; there are many “book thieves” in the book including Liesel and death. It’s not about stealing the books, it’s about why they did it, Liesel wanted trying to be rebellious, and she was using words to express her feelings. Books were also good for learning.
10. I wouldn’t recommend this book to a friend because teens my age don’t like reading; they only do it for school projects such as this one. Now if I were o come across someone interested in the holocaust and how people rebelled then yes I would recommend it.
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