Analysis and Description of Diabetes

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Children all over are getting sick and on the verge of dying due to the lack of knowledge in America. About one of our many “secret killers” that slide right under our noses. We as a country need to educate ourselves and prove that we are the strong, brave and knowledgeable country we always say we are. We need to ensure that the knowledge we receive is correct and not just jumbled misconceptions we hear from the media or by word of mouth. We, as a country, have the chance to stop an estimation of a 55% increase for 2030 for this “secret killer”, diabetes (IDF). This disease is serious and has nothing mild about it (IDF, JDRF). We must take the steps now America and stop our children and families from going through something like this.

Diabetes is a medical condition when your pancreas, an organ that lies near the stomach that creates a hormone called insulin, doesn’t produce enough insulin or any insulin at all (CDC, Petiti et al.). We use insulin in our digestive system to change our food to sugar and then to energy, which will later be stored and used for the activities you participate in during your day. “Diabetes depends on the severity, BG (blood glucose/ sugar levels), family medical history, and on how a patient got the disease to determine what specific “type” of diabetes you will obtain” (Graf). The types of diabetes range from type 1 (T1D), type 2 (T2D), pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, steroid diabetes, neonatal diabetes mellitus, and the list goes on and on especially for the rare few that don’t fit under any specific category (Graf).

In America, 8.3% (25.8 million) are affected by diabetes but only 18.8 million people will know about it before it is too late, leaving diabetes in 7th place in the leading top 10 c...

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