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I think you have coalesced Most of the suspicions I also have. In the beginning, Jefferson, Hamilton represent not just a difference of political thought and purpose, but perhaps a fundamental or universal truth about mankind, power and the need to obtain power over others. The reasons, ego, competition, human sport and the monopoly or poker mentality, there can be only be one winner, by necessity, I have yet to grasp the need to own everything, unless, like A. Carnegie, it is the end game to give it back, redistribution as you see it needs to be done; and thus history writes of
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Although A. Jackson destroyed the Central Bank, the secretive powers where back at work to restore the bank the next day, private powers within England/Europe did everything within there powers to regain control of America, by way of the money supply.

Quigley, like Butler was privy to the inside information, and like a modern day Whistle-Blower has laid before us the truths which otherwise may not have been exposed.

Is there a vast One World Order Conspiracy? I can not help but answer in a resounding, YES...
There are many compartments around the World and many facets which, unknown to us, play roles and parts all contributing to the whole.
Tragedy and Hope, clarifies the ways in which this has happened, like no other book or essay I have ever come across, it is comprehensive in its scope and understand of the Terrifying Powers amassed within this (Network).

Deeper history and some, well frankly, quite a lot of speculation...
As the saying goes, "All Roads Lead to Rome" if it were possible to trace the linkages, this saying might be as true today as it once
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