Analysis Tom Windfield in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

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The Glass Menagerie:Tom Wingdfield

The story takes place from an indefinite point in the future; the events of the play are framed by memories. Tom Wingfield usually smokes and stands on the fire escape as he delivers his monologues. Tom remembers the winter and spring of 1937 in their apartment in St. Louis. The play is sentimental and not realistic. The main characters in this play are Amanda Wingfield appears to be a faded southern belle that has delusions of grandeur, controlling, pushy, a bit overwhelming, and is stuck in the past and how things used to be. She has been abandoned by what I understood to be her husband and the father of her two children Laura and Tom. Laura is the daughter of Amanda and the older sister of Tom that is slightly impaired not only physically but mentally. She lets her limp make her self-conscious, insecure and fragile –from this she has isolated herself from the outside world only interacting with her mother who treats her like a child and is very forceful and pushy with her and her brother who tries to treat her like there is nothing wrong with her, but he too treats her as fragile minded little girl. Tom is the son of Amanda and the younger brother of Laura. Tom is the narrator and the protagonist of the play, yet he is also a character in it. He is a worker at a shoe warehouse to support his sister and mother and himself. He despises his job and secretly wants to pursue his dream of being a poet. He wants to get away from his mother and sister and live his own life, but he is trapped by his guilt and not wanting to leave his sister. He fears that is he leaves they won’t be able to sustain themselves in their apartment seeing as since their father abandoned his mother he has taken over the ro...

... middle of paper ... I think Tom is much braver than me, but that might be because he is a male. It is more acceptable for a male to leave home and start his own life whereas with a female they tend to not leave so abruptly. I feel guilty because she has told me many times about how she came to become my mother and that she gave up her life to raise me and give me the best opportunities that she could being a single mother. I am very grateful for her and appreciate her probably more than she realizes. Also, I feel guilty because I am the only thing left she has of her, “daughter, (my mother)”. I know that if anything did happen to me such as me too getting into a car accident she would lose her mind completely. Amanda is bipolar I do believe and I would like to think my mother is as well. They have many alike traits which is another way I and Tom connect and have sort of kinship.
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