Analysis: This Is Your Victory

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The Decision ’08 is what the entire electoral race had been titled. The United States had seen a monumental trail of campaigns for the title of President of the United States of America. Factors in this election were completely different than before. From the nominees of the election right on down to the way the campaigns for these potential leaders of our nation were being run. It was during this time we were introduced to a new wave of change in America. It was also the quest for change that seemed to be the theme for this Decision ’08 race. Candidate’s included a known former first lady by the name of Hilary Clinton, a popular comedian named Stephen Colbert and other popular political heavyweights. During the nomination process, it came…show more content…
This speech contained several themes and topics, all of these themes and topics however, fell under the one umbrella of Hope and Change in our country. Obama’s spoke of plenty different types of people those who helped fight for this dream, supporters of this dream and even his opponents in the race for President of The United States. In calling out these several different types of people and places, Obama was able to personify his speech on levels, that would felt personal to all those mentioned. Giving out titles, he was congratulating, this melting pot country. Titles and places like, “Doubters, schools, churches, anyone who waited three or four hours, first timers, young, old, rich, poor, democrat, republican, black, white, native American, Mexican American, gay, straight, disabled, not disabled”, this collection of individuals is what makes up our great nation as he went on to imply. His appreciation to this collection of individuals was a huge part of this speech; it was because of these individuals that the change he fought so hard far was finalizing at that very…show more content…
He used a three-part list many times during the speech to make points, describe situations and even characterized and personifies people whom he spoke of in the course of the speech. At the very start he used three contrasting groups of people using, race, orientation and disability status as ways of grouping the people of the United States. He uses his power of three again when he talks about the topic of change and the occurrences of this change. Those occurrences according to Obama included, “this day”, “this election” and “this moment”, he uses those three particular moments and the biggest moment’s right then when that hopeful sense of change seemed the strongest to him personally. When showing appreciation to his running mate Joe Biden, Obama once again stayed with his theme of the three-lists and characterized his personality with the following list of three things Biden has done that spoke volumes to Obama about Biden’s character, he said Biden “campaigned from his heart”, “spoke for the men and women he grew up with”, and “rode on that train home to Delaware”. In using the power of three Obama’s listing tropes were clearly depicted and painted the picture for the audience whenever needed. In action he also uses the listing of three when presenting his wife Michelle and Vice President Biden to the crowd, what I noticed Obama did was identify the said person, praise them and then

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