Analysis: The Rigorous Truth Of Trivial Injustice

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Isaiah Pridgen
Mrs. Thompson
English Composition 102-009
10 September, 2015 The Rigorous Truth of trivial Injustice Has the government lost their definition of justice? Surely, as police officers batter men with their strikingly irresponsible gun control that causes second degree murder, thousands will become unhappy. A social movement known as, The Black Lives Matter Movement [BLM], began as a heroic way to protest injustice and raise public consciousness (Williams 1). People do not feel safe. Walking outside at night feels like a suicide mission, only to go to the store to pick up some milk or bread so the stomach will not growl loudly in the morning. The Black Lives Matter movement, believes that all nationalities should be treated
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It would be most likely to suggest that the society would call these trial, guilty. Instead, it causes inconsolable grief to those that suffer to an un-fair loss of a loved one’s life. Anytime a human-being murders another without a cause, there should always be convicted of murder. This describes how the government doesn’t allow themselves to look bad. The government is hiding. So they are protecting federal police officers from getting convicted of any crime. The Guardians, an antiracist organization ran by a mixed group of people, present that, “President Barack Obama’s White House policing taskforce recommended that it [The police killings] be addressed” (1). That was said in 2012 after Treyvon Martin’s murder, yet the government continues to withhold from any help since then. This means, people that got killed by police officers, will never be able to rest in peace. The supporters of this movement, do not seek revenge nor chaos. More intelligently and accurately, the Black Lives Matter movement, is mixed with dozens of nationalities who want to resolve unfair treatment and shift the world to…show more content…
Growing up as children we experienced many things, but some of us were taught that to get respect we must give it first. It has never been the other way around, so it should not start to appear now. Boston LGBTQ and HIV organizations comments on the black lives matter movement. Boston LGBTQ and HIV organizations say as leaders that,” Protestors demand to want to know why unarmed men with their hands up and knees down, are still getting killed for no reason”.(1) The government has no response. For this very reason is why we have to stand up and fight for ourselves. Motivation and courage are the keys to solving problems that has not a seeker to give equality but lives that must stand up to fight for balance. All nationalities, and genders should help lift justice to compromise that all people will receive the same fair treatment and none will be left to say that these killings are

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