Analysis: The Mayhem: Racism In America

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The Mayhem: Racism in American
Today, racism is still a major issue amongst most America. Statics state that one in every three black males will go to jail in a lifetime, while one in thirty white males will go (Kerby). This makes it possible that, there is still an unbalanced amount of equilibrium associated with the racial dilemma. Once called “America’s Original Sin”, racism is exhibited in the physical mental, economic, and spiritual violence done to people of color. Racism is an umbrella term and it denotes discrimination based on not only race, but also culture, entertainment, and economic power. Native Americans, the indigenous people were the first to experience racial violence followed by African Americans, then to other people of color as they came to America (Ponds). Moreover, racism has managed to tiptoe its way through time while changing and evolving base on conditions, time, and society itself. Which hints to the real question: Will the hidden
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The world matter of racism has been covered for many years and its slowly becoming more and more decieving. Does it still exsist-Yes. The conditions have made it public friendly to appease the ideas of unity as adopted by the U.S. During WW2, US recognized the claims of superiority and attempted to disengage. Their response to this challenge was to develop school programs that emphasized the principles of equality of opportunity and inalienable human rights, that promoted respect for diverse races and cultures, that warned against the dangers of race-based totalitarianism and that taught all students to fulfil their responsibilities as US citizens (Halvorsen). The was the main cover up started, but was the problem ever actually
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