Analysis: The Late Night Caller

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The Late Night Caller

Happiness can bring the best out of people, but can happiness cause or turn to be sadness? That what happened to Nadia. The girl who stood up for her education. She was intelligent. Nothing stopped her for what she was believing in. She grew up in a rich family. Everything was going so well, till that day come and changed everything.
On Monday, April 11th, 1988, there was a small hamlet with few rural. Living their life with a peaceful mind. Some of the rural’s work outside the hamlet for their family. They have one doctor called Raju and two nurses. Doctor Raju received a massage from a small boy who was panting. The doctor couldn’t able to understand what the boy was trying to say. “Can you have a seat little boy.”
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Many guys tried to approach her, but she didn’t respond because of her studies. She is sailing in her senior year. She don’t want to get disrupted. It’s her birthday. John and Jessie went to the living to undo her presents. She was blushing. And got many gifts from her family and friends. Nadia was treated like a princess. Whatever she asked for will be there for her. Nadia went to her room praying to be blessed more with this family that God gave her. At midnight phone was ringing. Nadia was amazed and said, “Who will be calling this time?” She picked the phone and said, “Yes, may I know who this is? “ No answer. She can hear someone is breathing so hard, but she cut the phone and went back to sleep. She thought it might be one of her friends trying to prank her. Next day Nadia went to her school and asked her friends who called her? Nobody raised his hand and said yes! Nadia Ignored. She kept receiving a phone call. Same time at midnight, and that caller won’t say a word. Weeks later, Nadia was preparing herself for graduation. Everyone got busy. John and Jessie was flying from happiness. Their baby girl is growing up and her graduation is coming soon. Nadia is practical to give a speech. In morning while she was talking and while her classmates was listing to her, suddenly Nadia stopped. She couldn’t able to breath. Her teacher took her to the hospital. They called her family. They got to know thier girl is…show more content…
He lived the way he used to live before. He was sad and happy at the same time because he saw his daughter, and she died. Jessie and John kept visiting Nadia 's grave and put a flower. Her classmate never forgot her. They kept coming to John and Jessie’s house to be in Nadia’s room and make prayers for her. Adan, Nadia’s brother got a new job. He took his father from the village and lived in a city. Their new life was full of surprises. The brother got married and had a baby girl. He called her Nadia. When they asked him the reason. He said she will be the luck of my

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