Analysis: The Gallantry Of Atticus Finch

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The Gallantry of Atticus Finch How can you be a hero? What does it take to be a hero? A hero is a person who shows courageous behavior and stands up for a person when it is right. In the text To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus illustrates his personality through his bravery and courage. The acts of heroism Atticus reveals as he takes on one of the biggest cases in Maycomb while striving to raise his children abnormally shows that determination gets people to keep doing what they believe in, dissimilarity helps make people unique, and obstinacy leads to people being unwilling to admit their fault in situations around them. Atticus defends Tom to the best of his ability, even though Atticus knows that Tom would not receive a fair trial because of his race. During the trial, both Mayella and her father claim that Tom raped Mayella minutes before Mr. Ewell sees Tom in his home. Just after, it is Tom’s turn to testify. He says that he did not rape Mayella, but instead insists that she was the one that tempted Tom. When it was time for Atticus to give his speech, he says, “What was the evidence of her offense? Tom Robinson, a human being [. . .] She was white, and she tempted a Negro. She did something that in our society is unspeakable” (Lee 272). Atticus believes that Tom is not guilty, and that the Ewells are framing Tom Robinson for something he might have not done. Knowing that the Judge would most likely rule in favor of the Ewells, Atticus decides to unbutton his vest and collar and take off his watch…show more content…
What is heroism? Heroism is the strength to go against everything others believe in, the persistence to stand up for your rights and others, and the stubbornness to change your beliefs for the benefit of

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