Analysis: The Disconnected Generation

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The Disconnected Generation For a generation that has always been so ‘plugged in’ to the world going on around them, todays young adults have never been so oblivious to their surroundings. People in todays world can have any information at the touch of a button, an instant notification tells the what they have missed in the point four seconds since the person put down their phone. A text message informs one of the latest drama that has no relevance to the recipient but they just cannot put down their phone and walk away from the petty problems of the friends they will not speak to after they graduate. Instead of focusing on the present and how one can prepare themselves for the inevitable future that is always seeming to sneak up on the ones…show more content…
With Horation style satire, The Crow critics humans of every genre: from teenagers to professional football players to scientist to farmers, no one is safe from this joyful Satirist. The Crow states that a lone hero needs to try and “make the American people and the world aware that we are in the middle of a texting pandemic” (Satire: The Texting Pandemic). Technology is evolving beyond humans and modern adults and kids are to absorbed in their personal devices to neither notice nor…show more content…
ErHoff, from the Spoof News, writes a fake study that showed that adults shunned those who decided that going without their phone was not such a bad thing. Furthermore, the parody of a news study speaks of how their subjects could barely function without having a little LED screen in their hand at all times of the days, explaining how when the adults were being monitored, they were on their phones talking to the same few who were sitting just feet away from them. The article is a horation style satire that borders on juvenalianness when the writer goes on to talk about how when the phones were entirely removed from their owners possession, the phoneless adults panicked, not even seemingly able to enjoy mundane activities such as hiking, going out for a leisurely boat ride, and even brushing off an evening at dinner and a comedy show. According to ErHoff, most young adults were much more interested in the things they missed than the experiences that they were having right then and

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