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Drugs are more than just a problem, they destroy anything and everything to the person that is using them. It tears apart the person’s family and makes the family choose, if they want to save their kid or if they know he or she will not change so they give up on them. Family is not the only problem that drugs cause, there are so many more problems that affect more and more people. Drugs cause people to do desperate things and that means they will commit crimes like stealing and other serious ones too just to get there fix for the day. Drugs are everywhere and need stopped, they are not just a nationwide issue, they are present from the big cities all the way to the small towns. There needs to be a better and more resourceful option for drug …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that drugs are more than just a problem, they destroy anything and everything to the person that is using them.
  • Opines that the solution is needed throughout licking county because it brings in tons of problems that can easily be avoided.
  • Explains that the number of people looking for help on drug addiction and alcohol abuse can increase with our program. the government's healthcare program will only cover detox and not cover the full costs of rehab.
  • Explains that drug addiction affects all ages, from young tennagers to grown adults in later years of life. the rate of unintentional drug poisoning in ohio has jumped 372% from 1999 to 2010.
  • Opines that the program will work because it will be different than just another rehab center to where they just get you off the drug.
  • Explains that in "rules of rehabs," they explain the rules of what a general rehab would have, such as no cell phones, computers, reading material, male and female relationships, etc.
  • Opines that their program will help people who want to stay off of drugs after rehab stay on them and give them the support they need.

In “Rules of Rehabs” they explain the rules of what a general rehab would have. For example, some rules are no cell phones or computers, no reading material that is not related to recovery or spiritual, no male and female relationships allowed and some have no t.v at all. Now some of these rules are understandable like the no cell phone rule so that you can be isolated from your previous life and so that people do not call you all the time asking where you are at and trying to get high with you. But some other rules like the male and female relationship rule makes no sense. Some of these people will be isolated for months at a time and need to be able to talk to people of the other sex so when they are back out into the world, it is like talking to a female is a crime or that is all they will do and fall back with doing drugs if the female asks them too. The people in rehab need to be isolated from the outside world but not from the people that are going through the same program as them. A opposite sex could influence that person to stay off the drugs and have someone to talk too when they think that using again is the only option. If that is the case then that person will be getting help outside of rehab, just like the program that we want to start. Having people to encourage and motivate you is the best way to stay off

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