Analysis Plan Summary

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In this paper we will start to pull things together by presenting a analysis plan and many other topics pivotal to understanding the data we collected. We will build some dummy tables, interpret and present different variables.
Analysis Plan Summary
To start the analysis plan this writer plans to start with a pre-analysis plan to ensure they are ready to take on the task. Below is the checklist presented by David McKenzie (2012) that this writer will follow.
1. Description of the sample to be used in the study: In this writers situation the sample is area residents that dropped out of school who are between the ages of 16-25.
2. Key data sources: The key data source will be those who volunteer to take our survey.
3. Hypotheses to be tested throughout the causal chain: Key hypothesis for this writer is whether or not alternative teaching methods have an effect on lowering high school drop out rates.
4. Specify how variables will be constructed: This area will be where we log our data of specific variables will be used, how nonexistent variables will be handled, what operations will be utilized to take care of deviations.
5. Specify the treatment effect equation to be estimated: This writer for an example chose post specification to be utilized for this study. What controls will be included in the regression? For our study it will be the high schools and their students.
6. What is the plan for how to deal with multiple outcomes and multiple hypothesis testing? This study will be massing various criterion into a singular scale of measurement in which several of the questions utilized together will help us to understand the overall abilities to reach all students needs.
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...ow us to know if any two variables are directly or closely correlated. The regression analysis will require a dummy weighting to start and will allow us to correctly weight each variable by telling us whether the weighting we initially give is either too high or too low.
Multivariate Analysis
The utilization of multivariate statistics will permit one to study analyzable yet complex sets of data from a data set. For this study the usage of multivariate analysis won't be of particular use as the data does not get that complex. If it is used it will be utilized more for the benefit of hypothesis testing then overall statistical use. For our statistical technique we will use ANOVA which this writer found best.

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