Analysis Of Youth Are Our Future By Jose Colchado

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This image by the Jose Colchado and the youths of the East Side Youth Center, titled “Youth Are Our Future,” was originally untitled. It was a mural particularly for the community to showcase diversity and the importance on minorities. The article containing this image, however, did not explain why it wasn’t titled in the first place, but, it did state that after if was whitewashed (destroyed for racist intentions) it was given the title “Youth Are Our Future” by the same individuals who have created the artwork. It depicts a woman and a child, both people of color, embracing one another. However, the image is hard to observe any further because it had been damaged. This photograph of the mural is place in the center of the periodical and under…show more content…
That intention was solely based for the community to recognize the minority population that inhabits San Jose, California. According to the article that contains the image of the mural, “Racist Message in Whitewashing Art,” it has stated that this quality of intent did have an impact on many people living within that community; “Mothers with babies would stop. Little kids would say, ‘That’s me!’ It was an incredible experience. The artists from Migrant Education were learning to speak English.” And because these young artists has put in such hard work with such motive, these formal qualities made this mural into a projected image of themselves, their reflection on who they are and their values. This mural was definitely created with hours of painting, and with such dedication, it became an artwork that had a strong message that got across, but it’s horrendous to find that this projected imaged became tarnished. The amount of dedication these artists put onto this mural really projects who these youths were, and it can never be a work that can be duplicated or be done the second

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