Analysis Of World Poverty And Hunger

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Part A World poverty and hunger is yet another main issue that this world faces and is crucial because it affects the world as a whole. Each and every country in some way has been affected by it, particularly third world countries who experience it first hand, and secondly first world countries who feel as though they have a moral obligation to do something about it. Many people, such as Singer agree with that; affluent countries have a moral duty to help countries in need, and should follow through with that, but not at the expense of comparable moral matters. On the other hand, Hardin believes that first world countries do not have moral obligations to help nations in need, because that leads to overuse of resources and ultimately makes…show more content…
Additionally the author brings up an interesting analogy about this situation, he writes, “…if I am walking past a shallow pond and see a child drowning in it, I ought to wade in and pull the child out…” (Singer 332). Singer continues and says although that would cause his clothes to get dirty, it wouldn’t matter because he would have prevented a very bad thing from occurring. This analogy is significant because when it boils down to it, other needy nations clearly can’t sustain themselves on their own, that’s why they can be compared to children in need. We, the “adults” should be obligated to help them even though it may cost us small things that can later be accounted for i.e. “getting clothes dirty”. As Singer continues he addresses that the distance of faraway countries are part of the issue, people don’t make an effort because they don’t they don’t have the observation firsthand. Although this is true, it shouldn’t make a difference whether it’s happening next door or 3000 miles away. Singer writes “It makes no moral difference whether a person I can help is a neighbor’s child is ten yards from me or a Bengali whose name I shall never…show more content…
I see it as a very natural and way to end world hunger. To me, it poses no threat, as stated, if each person only put a minimum of one dollar each week there would be enough money to at least satisfy the world’s hunger. I do see where problems arise, though. Many people, especially ones who constantly complain about where their tax money goes will be disappointed to find out that money is going to other countries and not domestic affairs. Sure it will be for a good cause, but many people believe that we must effectively eliminate domestic issues before we give out a helping hand to other nations living in bad conditions. Netaid says it would only take 13 billion a year to sustain the basic needs of poor people and that sum is equal to the amount of money that wealthy people spend on perfume each year. That statement is disheartening, something as basic and unnecessary has more money invested in it than people who need help. Just an example of sad state of the

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