Analysis Of Winter Dreams And The American Dream

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Since America was founded, the idea of the American Dream has dominated American Literature. The overall idea of the American Dream is that every United States citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. “Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is about the realization of the true desire of the American Dream including status, wealth, and ability and the realization it is realistically unattainable. A myth associated with the American Dream is that even the lowest class can acquire the same wealth as the upper-class people. Fitzgerald depicts the class structure in “Winter Dreams” by the diction he chooses, evidence to support, and the complexity of the sentences when describing the two main characters, Dexter and Judy. Dexter is from the lower middle class, and Judy is an upper class debutante. To describe Dexter, Fitzgerald is straight and to the point with exact details of his life. He explains that Dexter is a middle class individual,…show more content…
The term golf course is generally associated with the image of rich men and their wives gallivanting their day away while the middle and lower class work to provide a comfortable life for their families. A country cub can be seen as a privilege in American society. In association with the figurative meaning and literal meaning of a golf course, the golf course in “Winter Dreams” is significant because this is where Dexter has most of his realizations. At first he works on the course to earn some cash, then, as the story progresses, newly rich Dexter dreams of what it will be like to play on the golf course, existing within the society of which he always hoped to be a part of. The course symbolizes a higher power, something to work towards and achieve, perhaps the “glittering things” Dexter always dreamed
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