Analysis Of William Kamkwamba's The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

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In the amazing story “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” the author tells his childhood tail. William Kamkwamba lives in a small country called Malawi. Williams family and friends make their living off of the land. Planting, selling, and harvesting everything they can. When planting season came along Williams country was struck with horrible rain which flooded the seed filled fields. Famine and disease struck his loved ones, friends, acquaintances and even his dog. Growing up Williams parents taught him about magic and witches. He was raised to believe in these things so science has been always a mystery to the boy, but as money grew scarce William was forced to drop out of school. He began taking trips to the library and found himself particularly interested in the subject science. Using what he had taught himself, he finds a way to help his family and potentially his own country. William Kamkwamba is determined, creative, and intelligent.…show more content…
This book was called Explaining Physics. This sprouted his idea to build a windmill. “I’d never built anything like it before, but I knew if windmills existed on the cover of that book, it meant another person had built them” (Kamkwamba, 169). William was not exactly sure how he was going to make this. However, he was sure that if someone had done it before, he could too. Later on in the book, William is in the scrap yard looking for material for his project. Some kids from the school across the street say he's weird and crazy. Despite the fact, Kamkwamba does not stop searching (kamkwamba, 189). William is very determined to build his
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