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Humor is an intriguing aspect of our life that makes us happy when we are sad, and keeps us upbeat when with friends. The title that I chose was Broadway performance from Will Ferrell in “Will Ferrell: You 're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush”, Will Ferrell portrays the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, as he reflects on a variety of incidents and occurrences that happened while serving the United States from 2001-2009 as President. The humor speaks primarily to people who are politically savvy and especially know the major points in President Bush’s presidency with Ferrell highlighting key points such as Hurricane Katrina, the 2000 Presidential election, and the inauguration of President Barack Obama.…show more content…
Ferrell begins his role portraying Bush as a fiery young Texan who proclaims in the beginning “ Let it be known, I’m a Texan through and through. A Texan who was born in Connecticut, and went to school at Harvard and Yale” (You 're Welcome America). Ferrell then goes on to talk about his childhood, and gives a brief overview of each one of his siblings, notably mocking Jeb Bush (his brother) on several occasions throughout the show. An example of how Ferrell connects with the audience and shows off his stand-up humor is when he pokes fun of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration). He pretends that he is on the phone with Michael Brown, who was the FEMA director during Katrina, and as he takes the phone-call he says “ Hey its Mike Brown, former director of FEMA. Do y’all have anything to say to him”. The audience then promptly booed him, with Bush proceeding to say “Yeah… They love ya here Brownie!” (You 're Welcome America). Another memorable joke in this play is when Ferrell proclaims that as Governor of Texas “On June 10, 2000, I proclaimed it to be Jesus Day in Texas. Do you know of any other states that had a Jesus day? I’ll tell you: None” (You 're Welcome

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