Analysis Of 'Wild Nights-Wild Night' By Emily Dickinson

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Poetry is a way in which poets express their feeling or emotions through the use of intensive and deep language. The structure of every poem is different; however, there are constant elements in a poem such as literary elements, rhyme, and others that never fail to show up. One poem which caught my attention was “Wild Nights - Wild Nights!” by Emily Dickinson, mostly because I can relate to it. Through this poem she uses different types of literary elements such as metaphors, alliteration, symbolism, and the different types of rhymes. In order to create this poem Emily Dickinson uses a very unique structure. “Wild Nights - Wild Nights” it is a lyric type of poem, because through the use of words it’s describe her emotions, state of mind and feelings. The poem is composed of three stanzas containing 4 verses each. The rhyme scheme in stanza one runs: ABBB, as lines two, three, and four are exact rhymes “thee, be, luxury!” .In addition to that, there’s a change in stanza two in which the rhyme scheme runs ABCB. In stanza two, “port” at the end of line six makes an imperfect rhyme wi...

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