Analysis Of When The Counselor After The Court Case

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Also, clarifying the client’s statement with the similarities of confrontation of the client. However, I have to paraphrase, highlight, and summarize my client’s message. First, paraphrasing, clients reword their problems, but they can have a difficulty or emotional problems when communicating with me. But I have to clarify their problems by narrowing their situations in order for the clients to know their messages was received. Second, highlighting has similarities to paraphrase, but there is a difference between the two such as, capturing the recurring theme of the message. Finally, summarizing, getting to the point of their problems, having full information and well aware of their themes in conversations. Burger states,” When the counselor…show more content…
William Burger states,” All professionals and institutions require a consistennt method of keeping track of what happens to whom, when, and why, although specific methods and styles of report writing vary. More specifically, reports are usualy compiled with two basic objectives in mind: to establish a documented record for future reference and to convey current information regarding a specific cas or event. Reports are crucial when professionals evaluate or consult with ppublic or private agencies, institutions, or school” (Burger 209). Having the ability to write well lays a solid foundation of all the documents a lawyer must write such as arguments, contracts, and legal letters. Written communication is a primary way that information is distributed and recorded. A clear, concise wiring removes ambiguity, making intentions known. The legal system requires most communication to be in writing and has very strict guidelines for accuracy. If an attorney is unable to communicate well in writing, it may result in misunderstanding at the least, and damage to the client at the worst. By spending a significant amount of time completing paperwork. Having profession writing skills is imperative to creating thorough, well-written report. A written report is often the first impression a lawyer makes on judges and a poorly written report can cause an inaccurate portrayal of competence…show more content…
These values would assist in the agency by, William Burger states, “respect the integrity and welfare, treated with respect, acceptance, and dignity.” (Burger 212) Respects those who, treat you with respect. Be honest and truly respect the person you admire or an organization, who’s trying to make a different. I have to be considerate that they may have do something bad in order, for someone to say those things. In Human Service: In Contemporary Services, William Burger states, “There is no gatekeeper or individual to correlate care.” (Burger 54) Which means that you can’t established caring of others just by paying others. These can indicate that their only caring based on wages rather than truly caring for that person. Being open and transparent decisions making processes, consisted of policies and actions, trust others to work independently, clearly explaining and enforcing rules, and doing what a higher profession says and will do. In Human Service: In Contemporary Services, William Burger states, “recognize and affirm the individuals’ strengths, dignity, worth, and integrity.” (Burger 223) Everyone is recognize for their strengths they have in work and life experiences. Also, how a person can have so much dignity along, for want there are worth. And integrity for those that rely on other completing their work and being direct to others to have a full underestimate on

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