Analysis Of When Does Sound Become Music

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It is my opinion that music is strictly a human phenomenon that can be largely inspired by animal calls and other sounds of nature. Animals can also be taught to respond to music, such as a parrot responding to rhythm; however, I do not believe animals have the ability to create and develop music on purpose with specific common structures developed and implemented for music by humans. As Dr. Such has stated in Lecture 2: When Does Sound Become Music, our culture has aided in influencing our brains to decide that a sound is music when we detect the presence of “rhythm, melody, harmony, and form.” The instinct to apply structure or form to sound in order to create music has derived from a natural human instinct instilled within us since birth.…show more content…
Gordon Ramel, and Bird Songs in Musical Notation, by Mr. Tony Phillips. In the article-page titled Bird Songs, Ramel discusses that birds “evolved around 60 million years ago, long before any humans were around.” Birds, like nearly all creatures on earth, have existed since before human existence. We have been inspired by the sounds of nature since the beginning of our own time, even the simple, biologically-instilled instinct of communicating through sound. These communicational instincts have provided us with something to observe when developing our musical forms and instruments. Does a bird call remind you of a flute? Does a woodpecker provide an interesting beat? Humans can be inspired by animals to make musical sounds; however, animals are simply doing what they have been genetically wired to do since before any of us have existed. Birds do not know or understand that their bird calls can adhere to a musical form, because musical form was a human-created phenomenon. Ramel goes on to discuss that birds have inherited their abilities to create distinct calls and to respond to other bird calls through a genetic process. These abilities have simply evolved over time as they adapt to their circumstances, environment, species-type, and the situations that daily involve them. I prefer Ramel’s wording when he states that bird calls are “a mixture of innate, pre-programmed knowledge of what their species song is” as well as the process of “learning from older singing males” over time. Ramel is basically pointing out that birds are born with a basic, genetically-inherited, instinctive template-song that develops over time as they learn from older birds of their species and adapt to their environment. They simply learn to embellish these basic templates as needed for their unique communication purposes; however, this embellishment has nothing to do with creativity, and

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