Analysis Of What Bill Cosby Taught Me About Sexual Violence And Flying Article

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In the article, “What Bill Cosby Taught Me about Sexual Violence and Flying”, Kiese Laymon’s main pitch is that racial issue and sexual violence are intermingled issues that are still current in our nation today. The way the author styled this article makes it very unique, but also encourages the reader to want to read this piece all the way to the ending. The way that this essay is styled is a personal narrative. This article responds to sexual violence and racism in our nation and makes his issue known that it is a part of everyday society and there can be harmful repercussions such as alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. The introduction to this article begins with a personal narrative about his own experiences as an African American teenage…show more content…
He begins by saying that he believes Bill Cosby is guilty of the crime that he committed, but also believes that Daniel Holdzclaw is also guilty of his crimes. For those who are not aware, Daniel Holdzclaw was a white police officer who was charged and sentenced to over two hundred years in prison for rape, sexual battery and sodomizing multiple women. As heinous as this crime may be, he also was white proving the point in his argument that with sexual violence many people only place the blame on African American males, but with this example it helps the reader see that anyone, any race is capable of committing such a…show more content…
He also never heard those words from Bill Cosby either (Laymon 2016). As we all know Bill Cosby was sexually violent and abusive and everyone has heard stories of parents, teachers and preachers sexually harming innocent children. Even throughout the essay Laymon has given examples of authority figures abusing their power to sexually abuse women. The purpose of this paragraph in this article is to prove that anyone could sexually assault someone. Being a sexual predator is not based on somebody’s race or gender, but in all reality it could be anyone and that is the point that Kiese Laymon is trying to

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