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Alison Green Mr. Showley English 12 28 March 2014 Walmart the world's largest retailer is not able to provide its workers with a sustainable wage. Many of it’s current and former employees report having to use Medicaid and WIC programs to fill in the gaps the company leaves in people’s lives. It has astronomical profits but hides it’s dirty little secret that in encourages it’s associates to use welfare to get by. Walmart associates and their families as well as taxpayers are hurt by the way they do business. Associates everyday life and survival suffers from working at Walmart. The average employee makes 25% less than the average retail worker. “Anthony Goytia earns $9.60 an hour which gives his family 12,000 dollars a year to live off of. They rely on state run health insurance and food stamps.” Communities that allow Wal-Mart into their town get tax breaks and low cost financing as well as grants from state and local government which in turn further promotes the problem because even though jobs are created they are not jobs anyone can sustain a family on. Walmart is the largest American corporation and the owners are among America’s richest families. Walmart corporation needs to raise their annual income to employees, lower their medical benefits costs and create a better work environment for their employees. Walmart takes away revenue that local businesses recieve and puts them out of business, this causes a larger loss of jobs than Walmart provides. For every job created by Walmart, two jobs are lost, it doesn’t create jobs in fact, it destroys local business and causes the smaller business to close up and locals lose jobs. They reduce local retail employment by 2.7% in every co... ... middle of paper ... ...ecessary income to support their families with good pay and benefits. They shouldn’t have to rely on taxpayers to pull them up when their company won’t provide the basics. When most people hear of Walmart coming to it’s communtiy they are excited because it means jobs. It’s true, they do employ people but they fail to pay them a wage they can live on and this in turn hurts everyone. Taxpayers have to help support families that can’t support themselves with dismal pay that does not feed them or provide them with the basics to sustatin themselves. Walmart is the king of low price competitors, but at what price? It’s customers benefit more than the employees of the world’s largest retailer? This is true and has been so for over 50 years. They must be stopped, they must be forced to pay competitive wages, employees need to stop suffering to save Walmart’s bottom line.

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