Analysis Of Wahala By Chinelo Okparanta

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The global idea of feminism is nothing more than a movement that emphasizes on gender equality and liberalization of women against societal structures like the patriarchal masculinity, female subordination and a template of economic discrimination through works of literature. In general, the sentiments of most feminists are embedded in the fabrics of fighting over traditional gender roles, sexism, class and not to forget the issue of marginalization of women in our communities (Hooks, 2000). Having considered the aim of the feminist movement, this essay in analyzing a literary text from the feminism perspective will critically examine how male dominance and female marginalization manifest themselves in societies through my favorite short story,…show more content…
In Wahala, Ezinne was revealed as a barren woman but within her imaginations and mentality, she asks, “what if it was him?” However, men generally indict this to women so she dare not voice out. Prior to this, the protagonist repetitively feels pains and stiffness during sexual intercourse but her husband, Chibuzo misunderstood and misinterpreted her painful looks. For this reason, her husband together with her mother suggested a healing, which she reluctantly complied with visiting the native traditionalist, the dibia, who later on settled to help them. In addition, women were characterized to suit accordingly to the conventional paradigms of gender roles. Thus, she was always seen in the kitchen busily preparing dinner with other house girls while Chibuzo was distinguished as a hard worker who gained reputation in Port…show more content…
The husband, Chibuzo was a textbook character that symbolizes dominion over women in most marriages in Nigeria, thereby creating an institution of empowering men but subduing the humanity of women. More importantly, his outlooks can therefore be described as having a legitimate control over her wife to the extreme of even violating her sexual right. Despite the fact that Ezinne always feels pains and stiffness in her lower abdomen during any intercourse, Chibuzo neither empathized nor acknowledged her sexual pains. However, he used his position of being the ‘head’ of the family to treat Ezinne as the Other in their marriage. In addition to this, it was vivid from the story that the wife made conscious efforts to resist her husband but to no avail. Here is an extract from the story, “She turns her head away from him and struggles free from him a little. Not now, she says. Not tonight she says it boldly…” Considering this extract, Chibuzo viewed his wife as both weak and powerless woman who cannot defend her freedom as to when and when not to have sex. All this bores down to nature of institution, their patriarchal marriage, which marginalizes women unto the boundaries of equality. Nevertheless, the feminist writer used her story to avert the stereotypes of wives being treated as sex mates. Stated differently, Chinelo was advocating for marriage liberalization through
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