Analysis Of Virtual Love By Meghan Daum

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Advances in technology have complicated the way in which people are connecting with others around them and how it separates people from reality. In “Virtual Love” by Meghan Daum, she illustrates through the narrator 's point of view how a virtual relationship of communicating through emails and text messages can mislead a person into thinking that they actually have a bond with a person whom they have stuck their ideals onto and how the physical worlds stands as an obstacle in front of their relationship when the couple finally meets. In comparison, the article … While Daum and X discuss that technology pushes us apart and disconnects us from the physical world, they evoke a new light into explaining how technology creates the illusion of making…show more content…
Daum writes, “Email provides a useful antidote for my particular communication anxieties. Though I generally send and receive only a few messages a week, I take comfort in their silence and boundaries” (Daum2).Through the internet, the narrator is able to express her ideal self and presents a false sense of herself which is misinterpreted by PFSlider. Particularly, the narrator states that, “I take comfort in their silence and boundaries”, which imply that the internet allows her to express herself without having to face the reality and anxieties of being face to face and not knowing what to talk about. The narrator 's ideal self conflicts with her real self because she puts more effort into creating an online persona which conflicts with the image of her real self that is filled with anxieties and loneliness. According to the narrator 's statement, she implies that through the computer was where her and PFSlider could confide intimately with each other without having to face the predicament of being in the real world and having to engage physically. Technology provided an outlet for them to be whoever they wanted to portray themselves as which allowed the narrator to view PFSlider with her desirable characteristics. In turn, this displays how technology complicates intimacy because the computer gave them an outlet to express themselves without having to deal with the reality of being able to talk in

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