Analysis Of Violent Media Is Good For Kids

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Sara Sharif English 112 Megan Bushar 03/26/14 Violent Media is Good for Kids Gerard Jones' essay, "Violent Media is Good for Kids," has an epic tone that is straight out of the comic books that he writes. It is a passionate, well-written appeal to pathos that should be very effective at grabbing the attention of his readers. In the course of developing this appeal, he also includes appeals to both logos and pathos, making his argument something more than a simple tug on the heartstrings. Though not without its problems, this essay presents a strong argument in favor of the benefits of violent media such as comic books. Recent events have driven the debate over violence into the center of the national attention once again. There are many arguments in favor of removing all violent media from the reach of children. This essay offers food for thought for anyone considering that idea. The essay begins with a description of the author's childhood, the difficulties that he faced as a child with rage issues living with parents who tried to suppress exposure to anything that might trigger it. This is a powerful way to begin this type of argument. By describing a child facing stress and difficulty living within the strictures of parents who do not understand his needs, he immediately creates a sympathetic response from a majority of his readers. Because that child is him, he has therefore created a sympathetic emotional bond between the reader and his own arguments. Even if the reader instinctively disagrees with those arguments, this bond must still ameliorate the negative response somewhat. Jones continues this tactic throughout the essay, repeatedly describing the personal stories of children who had difficulties growing up, and how v... ... middle of paper ... ... had been able to include the results of some analysis of relevant statistics taken from large sample populations. These facts could easily be incorporated, via summary, without interrupting the overall flow of the essay or its emotional impact. All in all, Jones' essay is what argumentative essays of this sort should aspire to be. Smart, witty, and evocative, it weaves Aristotle's three means of persuasion into a single powerful appeal. It appeals to the misunderstood child in all of us, the dreams of secret, inner power that we all carry around. In an age of gun violence in schools and national panic, such a strong appeal to address the true needs of at-risk children is well worth listening to. Works Cited Jones, Gerard. "Violent Media is Good for Kids." Mother Jones. Mother Jones and the Foundation for National Progress, 28 June 2000. Web. 26 March 2014.
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