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Evan Causey
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Victoria Marks’ most recent contemporary dance pieces all were fascinating, but the two that drew me in the most were “Men” and “Mothers And Daughters”. Both of these pieces made in the spring of 2014, focus on the idea of celebrating the life you have been given, leaving your mark on the world, and getting the most out of every opportunity you have to be with someone you care about. Victoria Marks is a dance professor at UCLA, who also choreographs dances for the stage, and films. “Marks’ recent work has considered the politics of citizenship, as well as the representation of both virtuosity and disability. These themes are part of her ongoing commitment to locating dance-making within the sphere of political meaning.” Marks in both films “Men” and “Mothers And Daughters” believes that , "Your Dancing ability does not matter because we are all differently-abled", which is why she used both trained and untrained actors to create these two pieces of art.

"Men", was a very fascinating dance piece, about a group of older men who travel from all over, to come together in order to reminisce about the long lives they have lived. In doing so they all resort back to a childhood state of mind, and get to experience growing up all over again. Throughout the film each man leaves a token of his past behind, for example the pictures in the beginning, the footprints in the snow, and the white rocks placed on the ground to map out where the dancer has been in the past. These tokens represent a mark the man has made on the world, in some way, shape or form. At first the dancers bodies move sluggishly, and their faces express a feeling of weakness and tiredness. But once spring ca...

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...ach one shows a unique perspective of celebrating life, leaving a mark on the world, and spending time with the ones you love. The film "Men" focuses on men who want to leave their mark on the world, and "Mothers and Daughters" is about how a mother leaves her mark on her child. Although Marks does not believe that you have to be an amazing dancer to be in a dance video, Victoria Mark's is absolutely a Dance for the Camera virtuoso. Her eye for detail is exquisite, and her dance films are pack full of emotions, and expressive movements. Her way to use dance to tell a story is phenomenal, and you can tell she really wants to make a difference in the world with her work. She wants to express her feelings through dance, and change the way people think about life, and time. These films make me wonder what I have been missing from my life, and how can I change my life.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that victoria marks' recent contemporary dance pieces, "men" and “mothers and daughters" drew them in because they focus on the idea of celebrating the life you have been given.
  • Analyzes how "men" is a fascinating dance piece about older men who travel from all over to reminisce about their long lives. the stillness of the man and the seeing of movement and progression in the background portrays lost time.
  • Analyzes how victoria marks' "mothers and daughters" portrays the deep, meaningful relationship between a mother and her daughter.
  • Opines that both films choreographed by victoria marks' were fascinating and well done.
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