Analysis Of Victor Martinez's 'Parrot In The Oven'

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Victor Martinez’s “Parrot in the Oven” is a novel that reflects the protagonist’s school days, his athletic activities, and family life. Victor Martinez experiences as a Mexican-American are the influences that induce him to produce such a literary work with figurative language that he receives naturally from his family. In his life, Martinez’s high school days and his teachers take important role as they motivate his to find opportunities that he can get as a son of a migrant worker. He presents his feeling and emotion for finding his identity and belongingness in his novel. As “Parrot in the Oven” is a coming-of-age story of a boy, the high school days and family life of the protagonist is explicitly presented. Everyone has unforgettable school days that made a great impact on the mind of the person. I can never forget about my school days and the sports activities I have participated, got victory, and met failures. I have learnt not only education, but also life, as does the protagonist of the novel. I would like to describe the high school days, athletic contests, and family matters of the protagonist, Manny Hernandez that is concentrated mostly on the chapters 7 and 8 of the “Parrot in the Oven.”
School days of Manny become troublesome because as a Mexican American, he has to face racial discrimination, inequality, and disrespect. Even though he is not good boxer, Manny wants to be an equipment manager because he wants to be respected. When he and his friend, Albert, get a chance to join Lencho’s boxing team, he feel proud that he can defeat white by winning boxing matches. Due to racial discrimination, Manny was not accepted in schools of white. Thus, he naturally gets hatred towards white, as they are being recognized ev...

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...mily circumstance of the Mexican American boy, Manny, to present the familial pattern of the migrant and their struggle. Manny’s father is a drunkard and has no care for his family, but he loves his family. When Manny’s sister, Magna, becomes pregnant and gives birth to a premature baby, his father shows much care for her that shows he has realized the fact that he has to adapt to the surroundings instead of struggling against it. Magna is the only person who brings money to the family unlike her father and brother and helps her mother to run her family. Manny mother feels very bad when she gets embarrassed in the hospital. She feels that this ill-treatment happens to her not only because of discrimination, but also because of her husband’s disregard. Thus, Martinez shows the family condition a Mexican American boy who faces disgrace in school and unstable family.
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