Analysis Of Veronica Karaman's My Shot Of Joy

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"The reconciliation from death to life in a love relationship between a mother and her daughter is honestly and openly shared in Veronica Karaman 's book My Shot of Joy. It shines a light on the amazing grace of God that reveals a plan to redeem a family relationship ravished by lines of broken communication." -- Dr. Madeline Manning Mims (Raleigh, NC) - Author, speaker, golf-professional and transformational life-coach, Veronica Karaman, in her latest book, My Shot of Joy: A Miraculous Journey of Redeeming a Lost Mother-Daughter Relationship, is healing family relationships across the country. (Photo via ANS) According to a news release, Veronica Karaman was fully focused on pursuing her own career when she got the news that her elderly mother had just six months to live due to a terminal heart condition. Although they 'd never been emotionally close, Veronica chose a new mission -- a new kind of championship -- for her life, and that was to reach her 85-year-old mother 's heart before she died. It…show more content…
That shot on a Pinehurst golf course (in North Carolina) became a "shot of joy" for both mother and daughter as it was both the birth of a new athlete at 88 -- and the beginning of a miraculous transformation of a mother-daughter…show more content…
Her story covers everything important in life: God, love, family, restoration/forgiveness, and golf. This book It is uplifting for all ages, not only to gain insight for repairing relationships, but it is a true testament to God 's presence in our lives and how He shows his purposes and fulfills His promises. I wish everyone could read this book. I feel blessed to have been a small part of Veronica 's and Mildred 's journey and I am sure that their story will be a blessing to all who read

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