Analysis Of Universal Suffrage In Hong Kong

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Many proposals of the 2017 universal suffrage has risen up by different sectors of general public. They have a common consensus that Hong Kong must pursue a practicable and achievable plan for electoral reform in 2017. It should comply with the Basic Law, accommodates the interests of different groups and is likely to be accepted by the people. Some says the plan should ensure the nominating committee is neither just a screening mechanism nor a rubber stamp. Some says it is a must that the nominating committee should "love Hong Kong and love the country". Some even proposed that it is enough that just strengthen the nominating committee's electoral base for Hong Kong universal suffrage. The above arguments have different comprehension on the meaning of universal suffrage. It is said that Universal suffrage which can be also called as universal adult suffrage, general suffrage or common suffrage consists of the extension of the right to vote to adult citizens, it also means extending that right to minors like woman and non-citizens. Where universal suffrage exists, the right to vote is not restricted by race, sex, belief, wealth, or social status. Although suffrage has two necessary components, the right to vote and opportunities to vote, the term universal suffrage is associated only with the right to vote and ignores the frequency that an incumbent government consults the electorate. Our role for this issue is Beijing government whose stance is allowing “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” is under the condition of ruling by patriotic people in the "one country, two systems". and we insists that it should develop by a "gradual and orderly progress". Role of Beijing government The central government always supports the universa... ... middle of paper ... People’s Congress Chairman was very well informed about different opinions raised by the Hong Kong public since the launch of the public consultation of universal suffrage, and the Central Government is looking forward to the election reform of Hong Kong, and hope to gain a mutual benefit by the reform. “Hong Kong should seize opportunities provided by new reforms on the Chinese mainland — while the mainland could also benefit from Hong Kong’s success.” said by Premier Li Keqiang. (Conclusion?) Universal suffrage is a crucial stepping-stone of Hong Kong democracy development; undoubtedly it should be treated seriously and carefully. China Central Government, as usual, will support the decision of Hong Kong government and Hong Kong people. And at all circumstances, will remained committed to upholding the “One Country, Two Systems” principle and the Basic Law.

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