Analysis Of Uncle Claude In Claude

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In the movie Hugo, the director Martin Scorsese uses different camera angles, lighting, costumes and sound to give the first impressions of the character, Uncle Claude (Monsieur Claude). These techniques show that Uncle Claude is unsympathetic, his solitary, and unfit as well as lacks skill to take care of Hugo. Firstly; lighting, camera angles and dialogue are used to portray Uncle Claude as an unsympathetic character. The low key lighting creates a dark and foreboding figure. Uncle Claude tactlessly tells Hugo his father has died and rushes him to pack his bag. This shows Uncle Claude has no sympathy for Hugo. He then shouts in a commanding tone “Quick” at Hugo, showing no patience for him to process and digest the devastating news. The director uses imperative dialogue to create authority over Hugo. “Hugo, without me, you'd be in the orphanage.” Uncle Claude is manipulating Hugo by saying this, he is taking advantage of Hugo's naive personality making him believe that it is true. The director uses mis en scene to show that time with Hugo and his father has gone. The director’s id...

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