Analysis Of Trump Triumphs

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he topic that I chose was “Trump Triumphs.” I chose this topic because Trump was just elected president two days ago and there are a lot of mixed reactions and feelings towards the new president. Due to all of these mixed feelings toward Trump, I wanted to look into articles that talked about his victory from the three different sides. The liberal biased article, the left side, is going to be unhappy with the result of Trump being president because they usually support Democrats. While the conservative biased article, the right side, is going to be happy with the results because the conservatives support Republicans. The center article will remain neutral and support both sides. The Christian Science Monitor published an article, “Trump Rides…show more content…
The unexpected victory changes what the past four years have brought. This makes conservatives happy with the election of Trump. Peter Grier, the publisher of this article says “Many conservative white voters have despaired at what they saw as America’s decline economically, militarily, and culturally, feeling the country was slipping away. Now they have emphatically turned the table on Democratic voters.” This quote shows the conservative bias because it is talking about how the Republicans are pleased with the results. The article goes back to talk about how Hillary called Trump to concede the election. He offered her congratulations for a strong fight. Trump gave his speech and reiterated the importance of the United States coming together to make America great again. He promised to be a president for all. Trump’s victory stemmed from rural areas. He won the election in four…show more content…
Trump defied the polls to the end and defeated Clinton. The 45th president was once hated by the political elite. Despite all the hatred Trump has received he vowed to be the president for all American’s. This victory means Trump enters the oval office as the oldest president at age seventy and Clinton misses her chance to be the first female president. Trump’s chances to advance his agenda in office are very likely because Republicans also hold the majority in the House and Senate. Helping Trump to defeat was winning the swing states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Iowa. The triumph was remarkable because Trump believed that the election was rigged against him and polls showed that Clinton had a clear defeat in the electoral map. One of the main reasons for his victory could be because of Clinton’s email investigation reopening only eleven days before the election. Trump’s campaign was not nearly as large as Clinton’s. His campaign consisted of family members and campaign advisers. Trump once again defeated expectations from the start. Fox News, the publisher of this article says, “ He defeated a deep field of 16 competitors during the Republican primaries – stitching together a motivated coalition of voters invigorated by his outsider, populist message; throwing his rivals off their talking points during a raucous

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