Analysis Of Token Economy

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Token Economy
A Token economy is a system to positively reinforce desired behaviors by giving an object or by using a symbol on an individually designed token board. These items have little value, but can be saved to access a more desired item or activity at a later time, which serves as the back- up reinforcer. Tokens have been found to be effective with one student or a group, with one or multiple behaviors. They are used in most special education classes, as well as some general education classes, to reinforce appropriate behaviors and task completion. The procedure can be implemented in schools by teachers, paraprofessionals, or other trained staff (Alberto & Troutman, 2006). Token economy can also be used in the home by parents or
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The paraprofessional will sit next to Suzy’s desk, holding the token board. The visual timer (with no sound) will be placed on Suzy’s desk. The instructions will be reviewed with Suzy prior to reading time so that she understands that she must remain seated in order to receive the tokens. As soon as Suzy sits down, her behavior will be reinforced by a token and paired with a social reinforcer; a smile. The paraprofessional is to look Suzy in the eyes when she delivers the reinforcement. The timer will be set for 2 minutes and Suzy will again receive a smile and a token on a continuous reinforcement schedule for remaining seated for each two minute increment. This will continue in 2 minute increments up to 10 minutes. If Suzy leaves her seat, she will not receive a token for that 2 minute increment. An example would be if Suzy stood up from her seat and walked away from her desk area. At that time, the paraprofessional would gesture for Suzy to return as has been the case prior to the intervention. At the conclusion of the reading period, which is free play, Suzy and the paraprofessional will go to the designated play area where Suzy can exchange her earned tokens for her back up reinforcer and play with the item during the 10 minute free play time. The…show more content…
The BA will model the intervention and discuss the instructions using the handout (see appendix). The paraprofessional will also conduct a trial intervention with the BA to increase competency. The BA will meet with the paraprofessional after day 1 of both the baseline and intervention phase to discuss the procedure. The in-classroom video recorder will be used during baseline and intervention phases for daily review by BA to monitor accuracy with intervention implementation and data collection. The BA will discuss any discrepancies with the paraprofessional. The BA will also be on site during the intervention and available for telephone support should questions arise during other
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