Analysis Of Three Wishes By Liane Moriarty

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Three Wishes, a book by Liane Moriarty, is a contemporary first person point of view novel that highlights the struggles of self-acceptance. The central protagonist, Catriona (Cat) Kettle, is one of the three triplets in her family. Her story takes us through her journey of a cheating husband, a catty mother, and strong-willed sisters. Cat’s introduction begins as one of the Kettle triplets; though they are all born at about the same time-- Cat almost acts as if she is the middle child. Her sisters, Lyn and Gemma, treat her differently: Gemma treats her with older sibling-like respect, whereas Lyn treats her like a little sister she needs to baby. Cat being the most hysterical out of the three, roughly handles life with spite. The key aspect of her development was…show more content…
In Chapter 4 she even continues to repeat this topic, “‘I want to talk more about Dan’s infidelity.’ Cat shifted noisily on the green vinyl. Dan looked irritated. ‘I don’t think it’s constructive to keep going over it’” (page 63). Cat over-obsesses this thought because she simply can not handle the fact that his husband cheated on her, especially when they were going to have a child. She continously brings this up because she wants some sort of apology from Dan. The more reluctant he is to apologizing, the more Cat falls down a pit of self-hate. Even in small occasions like being in the same room with him triggers overflowing emotions for her. In Chapter 13 Cat does exactly this, with Dan in the room, “[her inner thoughts] Do you still love me? Why were you talking in that

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